Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Ostreicher case further notes

Hurry up and wait...this is the message from the US pols and big shot activists who claim to be helping Jacob Ostreicher.
Little do they take the time to comprehend that their activism is rude and ignorant, that they do not listen to those who have offered advice on the situation and that they only make more tension.
Presently a NYC Spanish speaking politician has been approached with this mission, and, ironically reproached on one site for not jumping in earlier - although this legislator's district does not include Ostreicher and they are not part of Ostreicher's community. The new batter has a better than average chance, but this situation is full of curve balls; speaking Spanish helps a lot, as does being a left wing politician, but it is not so easy. There is room to hit a grand slam; or, strike out.

Evo Morales, if he were to be briefed on the full extent of this case, I am sure would release Ostreicher and there would be more arrests in Bolivia, and hopefully in the US as well. A colleague
showed me recently an email in which there was nazi help for the GOP congressman in Brooklyn who replaced Weiner; as incidental as this seems to the Ostreicher case, I include it here without further explanation to tease the reader - huelga decir, es relativo pero yo voy a escribir mas de esto cuando me conviene. Este caso es muy complicado y muchos son involucrados - hay planes por cambios en Bolivia para agarrar los recursos - no es gran sorpresa a muchos - y como esto tiene relacion a Ostreicher yo voy a relevar.

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  1. Not to be ironic, but it seems Mark-Viverito is jumping in only when she needs the Jewish vote. She has been contacted by phone/email and chooses not to reply, so this does not say much for her. At the very least she ought to care about a US citizen in jail overseas, or do politicians only care about murderous young women with inner nazi facebook pages? Know was guilty and look at what she got...
    I do not blame the Bolivian government, I read the other posts on this blog and the council woman ought to read them too and ask questions about this GOP involvement and study the arrests made by the Bolivian government at the local level in Santa Cruz. Also read a great post by Melvyn Kohn on arrests and an assasination attempt foiled in Santa Cruz, and how it all relates to Ostreicher, the GOP and others in some shadowy intel rings.
    Mark-Viverito wants to be NYC speaker...if she cannot take the time to help Ostreicher, a NYC resident, she deserves not the post - but let's see. Give her some more time but how much?