Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Jacob Ostreicher escaping Bolivia

So the story is that a gang of kidnappers set upon Jacob in Santa Cruz, demanded a ransom and
threatened to kill him...but decided to be nice and deliver him to his home thousands of miles away in Brooklyn. OK. Some believe it, some don't. At Chaplins and other comedy clubs in La Paz, this is a joke; the Russian customers call it skazka - fairy tale.
The sad part is that there are two sides left hurt in this - the Jewish Community and the La Paz government - but the real culprits are the drug dealers, extortionists and political opportunists; the latter of whom exasperated the La Paz governemnt, sending in clowns like Sean Penn and making the situation worse for all.
But what does this hold for the future? Should Bolivia ask extradition, will the US extradite or refuse? If the Brooklyn community thinks they have the US State Dept. and Obama on their side, maybe they are right; but maybe they are wrong, and the historical precedent for politicians is to get the lather and wash their hands. Today the NYT reports that Snowden is seeking asylum in South America in exchange for revealing secrets; the US has had bad year in Latin America, and keeping Jacob in New York might make for bad relations with an entire continent.
So the pendulum might swing the other way, and Jacob might be the token of appeasement the State Department will need.
And what of the lack of response from Melissa Mark-Viverito? She could have been a bridge between the Latin and the Orthodox communities, but she kept out of it, even when offered highly classified information that would have been of use to acquit Jacob and actually bring about better US-Bolivian relations; she is busy these days seeking the Speakers' seat in NYC politics.
So this saga may have more parts. Stay tuned. There may be more info leaked here than Snowden ever had.


  1. There is now the looming threat of extradition, and it does not make him look innocent. In 2012 this site mentioned GOP involvement and that information was ignored byt many parties - but that is now obsolete, the 'kidnapping' opens up a whole Pandora's Box - one lead in this is Gary Krupp who was asked to help
    in 2012 as he has ties to the Vatican. Pave The Way could not sway the Vatican to sway Bolivia.
    Russian agents in Bolivia are now threatening to expose more involvement of US citizens, further eroding US-Bolivian relations.

  2. I might add my disgust at Sean Penn trying to take credit - it was his presence in Bolivia that added to the diplomatic strains and hurt Jacob's chances.
    Forces other than Penn pulled this off and are not so happy to identify themselves.

    For some background info, check this 2009 posting out:

    There is lots of subtrefuge going on against Bolivia...Jacob was a pawn in a very sinister game that needs to be exposed.