Saturday, September 28, 2013

Evo Morales asks for a transfer of UN Headquarters to a more neutral country

In today's El Diario/La Prensa, (p. 11) there appears an article about Evo Morales asking that the location of the United Nations headquarters be changed to a 'neutral nation.' Given the complicity of the UN in CIA agression against Latin American countries, going back as far as 1954 when United Fruit took over in Central America, this is a most reasonable request. Switzerland, with its neutrality,
might be a far better choice. Morales then suggests that if they do not change the location, at least rotate its meeting places, "maybe to Geneva or somewhere in Austria is we're talking about Europe; if we're talking about South America, maybe Brazil", he told CNN.
He is presently in NY where he is attending the UN sessions.
One of the reasons for his appeal is that the US does not offer proper security, and he notes that it harbours terrorists. Which is very true. Absolute butchers from Latin America fill the cesspool in Miami.
Alluding to an incident in which the US denied a Venezuelan flight airspace over Puerto Rico, he notes that the US is not friendly to all foreign flights - one recalls the recent stopping of his own plane in Europe, possibly at the instigation of the CIA.
Bolivia in renewing its extradition request for the former president accused of genocide, Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada.
And it has not been that long ago that certain Latin American presidents found that the NSA was eavesdropping on them...and not that long ago either that the US got caught bugging phones at the UN.
So yes, there are many arguments for transferring the UN headquarters to a nation with less controversy about its dealings with Latin America.

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  1. It is time they are least rotated the UN HQ, I am glad to see Morales has the sense, and the guts, to bring up the issue.